George Bingham brings the eye of an artist, combined with immense technical knowledge and experience, to his building projects. Originally trained as a goldsmith at Theo Fennell’s bench, he has been building, restoring, extending and remodelling houses for clients for over twenty five years. Many of these houses are listed, and projects have ranged from around 50k to well over 1m.

He draws on a pool of tried and tested craftsmen who understand and enjoy working to his exacting standards. From groundworkers to fibrous plaster manufacturers, carpenters to specialist leadworkers, he knows and has worked with the best men for the job.

His clients invariably recover more than the cost of his fee through sound advice, passing on of all trade discounts, production of the myriad of sketches and working drawings needed and most importantly the running of an efficient and seamless building project. George works primarily in Dorset.

George is also a sculptor; his work can be seen at .